• Topics to be discussed

    Brexit – 56 Days to B Day!

    How the food industry can mitigate against the impact of Brexit. This panel discussion will hear from senior level food industry executives who are putting measures in place to get Brexit ready by currency planning, becoming more lean and efficient and exploring additional overseas markets.

    The Meat & Dairy Sustainability Challenge

    The Irish food industry has a number of unique challenges to overcome following the recent government pledges to reduce the carbon footprint to avoid EU penalties. This panel discussion will hear from leading industry producers, regulators, sustainability experts and retailers to understand the challenges facing one of our largest industries.

    Consumer Behaviours & Trends

    The food industry is experiencing significant changes in consumer behaviour with more focus on health, meat free, 3D Printing, home deliveries, personalised nutrition and sustainability. This panel discussion will explore some of the key finding of research organisations, retailers and innovation experts to explore

    How to Scale a Food Business

    This panel discussion will explore the key issues facing food and beverage manufacturers when it comes to achieving scale in Europe & globally. The food industry is facing a market opportunity that is the envy of almost every other business sector. The world’s population will grow by 1 billion in the next 15 years. Food requirements are expected to grow by a phenomenal 50% during that period. Hear from industry leaders who have spearheaded some of Irelands most successful food exports.

    Regulations / Food Safety / Food Fraud

    The food industry is one of the most regulated sectors on the Island of Ireland. Challenges posed by Brexit, the mercerise agreement, food labelling and obesity all pose significant challenges to manufacturers, retailers and consumers. This expert panel will debate the current trends and future landscape for stakeholders