The All Ireland Food & Beverage Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition 2024 – an event set to redefine the landscape of our nation's thriving food and beverage manufacturing industry.

With exports soaring to over €13 billion, turnover approaching €28 billion, and a workforce of 160,000, it's abundantly clear that food and beverage manufacturing stands as a cornerstone of Irish industry. The tumultuous aftermath of Brexit has cast a profound shadow, affecting the entire island of Ireland. The recent implementation of the UK Government's Border Target Operating Model ushers in new customs procedures and import controls, directly impacting our industry. These changes, coupled with customs delays for origin verification, necessitate a re-evaluation of our indigenous industry – from raw ingredients to processing and logistics.

Are we seizing every opportunity at our disposal? From Raw Ingredients to Engineering & Processing, Waste to Energy & Renewables, there exists vast potential to fortify and expand the Irish Industry.

Mark your calendars for the All Ireland Food & Beverage Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition, taking place on the 3rd of October 2024 at the Mullingar Park Hotel. This timely trade event encompasses every facet of manufacturing, from ingredients and processing to labelling and packaging, materials handling, logistics, food safety, information technology, chilling & refrigeration, waste management, renewables, and innovative processes such as anaerobic digestion for food waste to energy conversion.

Prepare to delve into the key trends and challenges confronting our industry, including the imperative to foster a more sustainable and efficient food manufacturing sector. This event isn't just another conference; it's a pivotal opportunity for growth and enhanced exports. A gathering of food and beverage professionals, it's poised to attract up to 1,000 visitors, key decision makers, from across Ireland, to network, meet the buyer and engage in a conference with insightful keynote and panel discussions spotlighting the industry's most pressing issues.

Our exhibitor profile comprised of key suppliers spanning: – Ingredients / Raw Materials – Processing / Engineering Technology – Waste Management / Renewables – Automation, Robotics, Information Technology – Packaging Machinery & Materials – Materials Handling / End-of-Line / Conveyors – Logistics, Warehousing & Supply Chain – Food Safety, Laboratory Equipment & Materials – Water, Energy & Recycling

The All Ireland Food & Beverage Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition 2024 encapsulates every major sector of the Irish food and drink manufacturing industry – from dairy and meat to seafood, poultry, bakery, confectionery, beverage and beyond.

Exhibitions aren't merely static displays; they serve as dynamic platforms offering an array of opportunities. Whether it's forging connections with new clientele, showcasing innovative products, or strengthening relationships with existing partners, this event is where growth avenues converge seamlessly.

Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of our industry. Join us in Mullingar and be part of something extraordinary.Interested in exhibiting, sponsoring, or speaking at this year's event? Reach out to to secure your place at the forefront of Ireland's food and beverage revolution.