Amelia Boothman – Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation Insight, 1HQ Brand Agency

  • Presentation Title:

    Spotting (and tasting) the True Food & Drinks Trends that Matter

    Presentation Synopsis:

    There is a plethora of ‘top ten trends’ lists published every year.  But sometimes it feels like you are reading the same list! And what if the so-called trends you read about, turn out just to be a fad?…..We explore how to identify the deeper trends that really matter. You can also taste the latest ones; including alternative proteins (including insects) and Amazonian superfoods and what does 0% proof really mean for drinks…

    Speaker Bio:

    Amelia Boothman is Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation Insight at 1HQ Brand Agency where she utilises her degree in Experimental Psychology by unlocking cultural codes, signs and symbols from the unconscious using semiotic methods. She has worked in brand strategy and innovation for over 20 years focusing on the Food and Drink sector. Projects of note include rebranding the Omega 3 fishfinger for Birdseye and developing the sleeper service food and drink offering for British Airways. Today at 1HQ Amelia loves harnessing the latest and most relevant trends to create meaningful innovation platforms for her client’s brands.