The company

ShelfStock is a brand new company set up by Gerry Byrne in 2014 with the help of the Local enterprise board. Shelfstock specialises in helping both retailers and suppliers achieve their goals, to become more consumer centric. Shelfstock continues to grow and is currently working with leading European retailers and suppliers.

The owner

Gerry is an FMCG professional with more than 20 years experience in the retail sector. He has a grounded knowledge of category/occasion-based merchandising, shopper marketing, consumer insights, range and assortment planning. His career has seen him work across the supermarket and the convenience channels where he introduced many award winning solutions to aid the shopping experience. He has also worked on the Supplier side of the industry where he utilised his knowledge of the shopper & consumer to win the hearts and minds of the retailers.

Our difference

Why did we call ourselves ShelfStock?


Related to where products are positioned in a retailers store (on a shelf), which should always be where shoppers expect to find them!


Otherwise known as products, which are created by manufacturers and ‘stocked’ by retailers to satisfy a particular consumer or shopper need.

Put them together and you get our mission

To provide support to manufacturers and retailers in the form of category insight, shopping behaviour and space planning software, ensuring the right products have the right space at the right time to meet your shoppers needs.

PS the barcode under the logo is real, scan it to see what happens