Procuro Euro Limited

Procuro, a Delaware Corporation was co-founded by Vincent P. Gordon, CEO and Bernard P. Lee, former CTO in April 2001. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Lee created Procuro, to provide an affordable operational monitoring and management solution targeting the small and medium business (SMB) market.

Procuro’s ground breaking product PIMM™ (Personal Information Management Monitor) has the look and feel of an instant messaging buddy group – however, instead of managing communications with your friends and families, PIMM™ buddy groups manages a company’s operational resources.

PIMM™ was designed and developed for the non-computer-savvy employee – a fast and friendly tool that filters out the pertinent information. PIMM™ is a software based logistics system which provides practical and affordable supply chain solutions across a variety of industries including but not limited to food service, retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, building management, IT management, etc.