Polsoja Sp. z o.o.
Stefanowo, Ul. Urocza 6
05-552 Wólka Kosowska
tel. + 48 22 736 39 16
fax. +48 22 736 28 38
kom.+48 519 317 873

We give you vegetarian frankfurter sausages, slices, spreads, tofu. All our products are vegan and have always been known for their reliable quality and exceptional taste. All Polsoja’s products contain:
soya proteins exclusively from non-GMO soya (certified by our suppliers; our products have been examined to show no GMO soya content – results of the examination are available for inspection);
– other vegetable proteins, vegetable starches (originating from wheat, corn, potato, tapioca);
vegetable oils (Polsoja’s products are cholesterol-free);
vegetable-originating, natural substances that improve structure and consistency (carrageen, vegetable starches, methyl cellulose);
mixture of seasonings and aromas of vegetable origin only, herbs and yeast extract.
Polsoja’s products do not contain any:
meat, fat, gelatine, dairy products (eggs, milk proteins, whey) – 100% vegetable;

Vegan Slices – Our vegan Slices are an ideal are an ideal, low-calorie alternative to traditional cold meat and sausages.
Vegan sausages Soya-based frankfurter sausages are a safe and tasty alternative to big-industry meat sausages. The natural smoking process gives them their unique taste and aroma.
Tofu Fresh tofu is an invaluable ingredient in the modern, not only vegetarian, cuisine. Rich in calcium, phyto-hormones, and soya-origin substances that help to prevent civilisation diseases, tofu is said to be one of the healthiest food products.