Phare Tech Services Ltd.

At Phare Creation we believe there is always something to discover and so we work very hard to create a range of training that is refreshingly different.

Our idea is simple…we develop e-learning modules suitable for use in any industry, in government bodies and in education facilities…in fact, anywhere there is a need to provide training or deliver information effectively and accurately.

Our modules or learning courses can be used as stand-alone training or as part of a Learning Management System. We create the modules to suit the needs of customers, each one built from the information provided by them.

Phare Creation is a business with experience in the areas of food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering industries.

We were inspired by the need to provide training and information courses of a very high quality at a competitive cost and turnaround time.

In this age of the knowledge economy, there is a need to re-visit how training is created and delivered. Drawing on our expertise, we can point you in the direction of useful training tools to help you succeed.