Mama Nagi’s

Mama Nagi’s Chilli Pastes- A fusion of rich and Authentic Indian flavours for all foods!  Start your exotic adventure here for the perfect Indian meal


Looking for something different to jazz up meal times?  Mama Nagi’s authentic Indian chilli paste is a fresh and exciting brand to come onto the Irish food market. Growing up in a house filled with spicy aromas and traditional home cooking, Mindi Keane, the brains behind this new and exciting culinary delight simply reworks a firm family favourite from her childhood, bringing her love of cooking with spices into everyday meals.  Packed with zesty flavours guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds, these chilli pastes are made with no artificial flavourings or additives, 100% Vegetarian & Vegan and made only with the finest fresh raw herbs & spices, ticking all the boxes for a healthier lifestyle when planning meals.  An Irish homemade brand, Mama Nagis is the brand everyone is talking about.


I set up Mama Nagi’s in 2015 from my home in South Dublin with the idea to bring authentic raw chilli paste made from popular Indian recipes to the Irish market.

This concept and idea stemmed from when I used to return from the UK with my mother’s (the REAL Mama Nagi) hot Punjabi chilli paste, something that was not available in the Ireland.

My mother’s recipes have been handed down through her family before her, culminating in a rich palate culinary tradition which has followed my family from India through Uganda, to the UK and now to Ireland.

My product range now consists of 3 Chilled Chilli Pastes:


  • Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste
  • Keralan Coconut Chilli Paste
  • Bengali Sweet Chilli Paste



These pastes are a blend of authentic, family, and regional Indian recipes.

These versatile chilli pastes add a kick to the simplest of dishes and convenient to use – they can be used as a Stir-In / Stir Fry / Marinade / Dip / Spread / Sauce.

All my pastes are made from the freshest produce and clean ingredients locally sourced.

They are also dairy free, free from gluten and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.