Linked to Finance

Launched in 2013, Linked Finance is Ireland’s leading P2P lending platform. With more than 13,000 registered users, Linked Finance connects local businesses who need loans with a vibrant online lending community. Ordinary members of the public, institutions and other investors who are ready to lend to Irish SMEs at attractive interest rates.


To date the company has facilitated loans for over 460 Irish SMEs – the vast majority of which have been significantly over-subscribed with bids from lenders totalling over €24m. The model provides an attractive funding option for businesses that are growing and seeking to take advantage of opportunities in their markets. Businesses from across all 26 counties have successfully secured loans from Linked Finance lenders, ranging from small food producers with a local customer base to larger manufacturers targeting international markets. Key sectors include retail, food, agriculture, manufacturing, professional services, education, construction and distribution.