Intact Software

At Intact Software, our mission is to organise your business information into an easy-to-use, single system where it can be leveraged to enable efficient daily operations. Intact iQ, our 3rd generation ERP software, can provide you with all the tools and functionality you need to be operationally effective and to grow accordingly.
Designed, developed and supported in Ireland, Intact iQ is easy to change to and easy to stay with. It can replicate the things you love about your current business software, achieve the things you’d like in a new system and support the things you haven’t even thought of yet.
Intact iQ can help you to deliver exceptional service to your customers and so much more. Take full advantage of our clever business intelligence tools to help you make on-the-spot decisions, identify opportunities to continually innovate and develop a competitive edge.
We work closely with you to create the kind of unique features you need to be at your best and differentiate your business in your marketplace. If an idea is tagged a priority, our development team can deliver custom changes and new features within a four-week development cycle.  This means your concept can become a reality in a short amount of time.
Along with incorporating a powerful set of modules i.e. Financials, Stock Control, Business Intelligence, CRM, eCommerce and more, Intact iQ also easily integrates with third party systems to become the hub of your operation. We provide training at installation to ensure a smooth changeover and technical support should you need any further assistance.