In the hospitality industry a seemingly unavoidable cost is one which involves glass bottle recycling. However, we have sourced a product which offers a solution to this cost. Irish company Glass 2 Sand is the exclusive distributor for the Expleco Oppressor GLS  – a compact glass bottle crusher which reduces glass bottles to sand instantly.


This innovative product


* eliminates your glass recycling costs

* guarantees huge reductions in waste management costs

* reduces labour costs

* eliminates your used glass bottle storage requirements.


Suitable for nightclubs, bars, hotels and restaurants , John Wafer, Managing Director of Glass 2 Sand commented  ” The machine is simple to use and measures only 23” sq and 4 ft 6” high. The operator feeds individual bottles into the machine which instantly reduces the glass bottles to 75% silica sand . This offers a dramatic cost saving on the existing glass crushers which incur pick up costs as they convert bottles only to “cullets” or pieces . The sand is deposited in the 20 litre bucket which forms part of the Oppressor GLS. To give you an idea of the efficiency of the machine, 120 beer bottles or 60 large wine or spirit bottles are transformed into less than half a bucket of sand.


For further information please contact  John Wafer ,Glass 2 Sand


T +353 87 8578806