eTravel empowers both the business and independent traveller by providing accurate and fast travel information to facilitate travel planning with best prices & service.


At eTravel, we have combined almost 20 years of corporate travel management experience with excellent technological expertise. We offer an organised and effective travel management service, combining expertise with technology to deliver optimal business travel savings.


We pride ourselves in providing dedicated, experienced agents to all our clients, to ensure the smooth running of all travel requirements and the highest cost savings.


If you are a CEO, CFO, Procurement Manager of HR Manager, then you may be interested to know how you can improve the productivity of your employees, whilst reducing the cost of corporate travel to your business.

Are you certain you are always getting the best value for your money? Are you aware of the proven strategies for reducing travel costs?


Why choose eTravel:

  • A single travel solution
  • Access to eTravel private negotiated fares
  • Guaranteed best possible rates on accommodation
  • A dedicated agent assigned to assist with your bookings and manage your daily requirements, designed to save you time and money
  • An in-house flight, corporate, online & back office management system
  • A reduction in time spent completing your bookings
  • A tailored travel expense management service & management reports
  • Expert analysis and advice on your booking routines
  • 24 hours a day support service
  • Travel alerts advice

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