Engineering Plastics Limited

Benefits of choosing Engineering Plastics Ltd
Machining of High Performance Plastics and components for the Food Processing and Manufacturing Industries
We have worked both Internationally and locally for over 27 years
Engineering Plastics Ltd can help your Company to reduce maintenance costs, production costs and downtime, therefore increasing profits.
We have a wide range of experience in Food Processing Equipment and Convering. We can offer you a low or high spec material depending on your requirements and budgets.
After consultation with your company / Maintenance Engineer to assess your requirements, we can advise you on the best method to deal with your project
Some of our High Performance Plastics including Polyethylene, Acetal, FDA Nylons and Polyurethanes can improve your equipment giving less corrosion, reduced weight, easier installation and longer wear life over bronze or steel therefore saving time and money – leading to higher profits.
We provide Technical Support throughout the process of design phase, to production, distribution and after-sales back up support.
Examples – Sprockets, Gears, Star Wheels, Scrolls, Belt Tensioners, Wear Guides & Formers
We are recognised as a reliable supplier to other Industries
We are centrally based in the North of Ireland covering North and South Tel : 048-8676-0058