Tony Clutten- Process Sales Manager, Huber Technology

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    The Cinderella of a lot of Food and beverage factories is the Effluent Plant. It is an overhead often overlooked and neglected yet there are savings to be made such as
    reducing SS and COD to reduce Effluent charges
    dewatering sludge to reduce transport costs
    Anaerobic Digestion could be an alternative sludge disposal route.
    Recirculating water for yard and truck wash down.
    Meeting environmental commitments

    Failure in the Effluent plant could mean Factory closure.

    This paper will discuss some options for reducing costs for effluent disposal

    Speaker Bio:

    Tony has been involved in liquid / solid filtration for many years filtering mixtures as diverse as raw sewage and Gold dissolved in acid, and phosphoric acid at pH 0.1 to Caustic at pH 11.

    Tony previously worked as Chief Project Engineer for Hawker Siddeley Bracket and Special Project Manager for Delkor Ltd.

    These jobs took him behind the Iron curtain filtering radioactive Yellow cake, Thailand filtering  Phosphoric acid at 95 degrees C and Saudi Arabia filtering Titanium Dioxide amongst other challenges

    Tony’s aim is to provide efficient reliable and environmentally friendly solutions from Huber to overcome the challenges down on the Effluent Plant.