Tim Yeomans – Centre Manager, Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, Limerick Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology, Tralee

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dr Tim Yeomans is the Centre Manager for Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, a collaboration between the Institute of Technology, Tralee and Limerick Institute of Technology. Tim holds a PhD in Microbiology and postgraduate qualifications in Technology Commercialisation and Innovation Management. Tim has worked in research and development for 20 years, both in industry and academia, and has worked closely with many food companies in Ireland. In his role in Shannon ABC, Tim is responsible for the scientific direction of the Centre, intellectual property management and business and technology development.

    Presentation Title:

    Food innovation in Ireland – alive and well!

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Shannon ABC collaborate with industry to address close to market challenges that they may have in the area of bioresources. Over 30% of these companies are SME sized food companies, who have innovative ideas in approaching new products and collaboration. We will present a number of case studies from our work with these companies, addressing key challenges such as product differentiation through nutritional and health claims, and taking advantage of opportunities to collaborate with other food companies to develop new products.