Ross Campbell – Business Director, CyberColloids Ltd

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    Ross Campbell – has a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Management Science from Stirling University. Ross has worked for a number of different companies in various roles, including Dow Corning, 3M, Courtaulds all involving polymers for many industrial applications.  He then joined Unilever’s Quest food ingredient division to head up their hydrocolloids business unit which is now part of Kerry. Ross left Quest in 2001 and started up CyberColloids which has become a well recognized ‘business led contract research’ company specializing in polysaccharide chemistry for food texture and nutrition.

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    Using Fibers to replace fat

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    Over recent years, in response to consumers wanting simpler more natural labels and food companies looking to add value to food waste, the emergence of ‘multifuntional’ fibers, into what has been the traditional food gums, market has been observed. Novel fibers being used for water binding and/or fat replacement will be reviewed