Richard Coen- ‎Business and Digital Marketing Strategist, Emarkable

  • Speaker Bio:

    Richard’s Company Emarkable generates revenue opportunities for companies using Digital Marketing.

    Richard’s Strategic approach assists companies achieve balance in their approach to five key areas affected by the growth in digital marketing.

    1. Strategy – the assumptions, objectives and plans that guide marketing are especially essential in periods of rapid change
    2. Budgeting – how money is allocated is a key factor in whether strategy becomes reality, using metrics wisely
    3. Retention – the goal of keeping customers has grown in importance as it plays an increasing role in socially – driven acquisition
    4. Experimentation – determining whether new channels and technologies are a good fit is an important exercise in learning and time management, expect something different

    People – internal and external teams need to constantly learn and evolve to master the new elements of marketing

    Presentation Title:

    Marketing Automation Success Plan

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Marketing automation is a software system that allows you to automate your marketing and sales programmes to generate more leads, close more deals, and improve your measurement of  marketing success.

    Richard will discuss how marketing automation can help your business and outline a step by step process to help you generate more sales.
    Richard’s workshop will help you develop a lead generation system to

    Identify anynomous website visitors

    Generate more leads
    Qualify and prioritise your leads
    Nurture those leads
    Manage all of your email marketing campaigns
    Report on the success of your campaigns