Pauline McGrellis – Business Development Manager, Nvolve Group Ltd

  • Speaker Bio:

    Pauline McGrellis is Business Development Manager of the Nvolve Group™ Ltd – Donegal based company which has been operational now for over 10 years. The Nvolve Group™ specialises in helping organisations reduce their Compliance Risk, reduce their Compliance Cost and reduce their Compliance Workload.

    The Nvolve Group work with a wide range of companies within the Global Food & Manufacturing Industries. All of their clients are faced with increasing compliance risk and a corresponding increase in the cost of managing that compliance. They help their clients to significantly reduce their risk of Non Conformance repercussions whilst at the same time significantly reducing their compliance cost and compliance workload.

    Presentation Title:

    Reducing Compliance Risk with BRC Manager™

    Presentation Synopsis:

    This presentation will identify how the Nvolve Groups, BRC Manager™ solution, is currently helping Food, Packaging and Storage & Distribution companies with all their Auditing, Non Conformance’s, Corrective Actions and Supplier Documentation. This presentation will also give overview of the main challenges that their clients face on day to day basis and hence will then identify the solution by way of their BRC Manager™ solution.

    BRC Manager™ helps their clients achieve top grades in BRC audits, exceed the expectations of their customers, and hence allows them to focus on producing high quality products every time.

    BRC Manager™ solution is focused on helping BRC certified sites manage and reduce their risk associated with BRC compliance with a particular focus on internal auditing, workforce training, document, supplier control and traceability.