Odile Le Bolloch – Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency

  • Speaker Bio:

    Odile Le Bolloch is a scientist at the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, with over 20 years’ experience working on sustainability and environmental issues.

    She specialises in developing and delivering initiatives to promote waste prevention and encourage behaviour change in homes, communities and businesses across Ireland, and currently manages the successful Stop Food Waste programme.

    Focused on communications and stakeholder engagement, Odile is passionate about working collaboratively to increase the understanding of waste prevention, to inspire change and to enable the adoption of the behaviours necessary to deliver a resource efficient society and economy.

    She previously worked with Trinity College Dublin, the Italian National Research Council (CNR), and Irish eNGO Birdwatch Ireland before joining the EPA in 1999.

    Odile is also a regular media commentator on the issue of food waste and waste prevention, appearing on Irish television, radio and in print media.

    Presentation Title:

    From Farm to Fork: too good to waste

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In Ireland over 1 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. The issue of wasted food affects all aspects of society in Ireland – producers, growers, retail, hospitality, consumers and those who experience food poverty.

    Through preventing food waste, and becoming more efficient in using what we have, Ireland can reduce the environmental impacts associated with food waste, save money for businesses and householders alike, and help those who struggle on a daily basis to put food on the table. Reducing waste and using resources more efficiently can also have significant cost savings. Food wasted is money wasted.

    Over half of food waste is generated at the post-consumption stage of the food chain and our challenge is to work together to reduce this waste. It doesn’t always need to involve investing in expensive technology many solutions involve working with people and changing behaviours. But changing behaviours is hard!

    Ireland has the potential to be a leader in the fight against food waste and many organisations are already showing the way. Odile will present some examples where changes to systems and behaviours have been used to successfully reduce food waste in the hospitality and catering sectors. We all have a part to play and by working together we can all take steps to tackle it.