Nicole Maher – Bakery Scientist, Campden BRI

  • Speaker Bio:

    Nicole Maher is Senior Bakery Scientist in the Bakery & Cereals Processing Department at Campden BRI and joined in 2011. Nicole studied Food Science at University College Cork (UCC).

    In her role at Campden BRI Nicole is involved in many areas of the department. She has experience of test baking, new product development and working on research projects.  Her main areas of interest include gluten free, high fibre baking, dough fermentations, and the use of interfacial techniques to characterise bakery systems.

    Presentation title:

    The challenges and opportunities in reformulating fibre enriched bread

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Dietary fibre is an important part of the diet linked to lower levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight control and the prevention of certain types of cancer. In the Ireland, as in most Western countries, intake is well below the recommended level.  Cereal products, and in particular bread, are a good source of dietary fibre as they are a staple, however there are many technical difficulties when developing new products which need to be considered.