Aoibheann O’Brien – Co-founder, FoodCloud

  • Speaker Bio:

    Aoibheann O’Brien, is co-founder of FoodCloud which provides innovative solutions for surplus food for the food industry. Before becoming a successful and recognised social entrepreneur, Aoibheann worked as an investment banker in London. Aoibheann has been recognised for her efforts with awards, including the SEI Impact Award, Ben and Jerry’s Join Our Core Winner and the 2016 Green Awards. Aoibheann has a BA in Law and Accounting and an MSc in Environmental Science.

    Presentation Title:

    FoodCloud – A solution for surplus food providing the Food Industry an alternative to throwing out good food.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Globally 30% of food that is produced is wasted. The food industry in increasingly taking stock of its responsibility in managing resources and reducing food waste is a major component in progressive Food Industry CSR strategies. FoodCloud is working with some of the largest brands, both in Ireland and globally, to provide an alternative to throwing out good food. Ireland is a leader is surplus food solutions providing one of the first holistic end to end solutions for the food industry.