Michael Murphy- Managing Director, ProU

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    ProU – Getting a Health & Wellness Food Brand off the Ground

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    ProU Product Development and Launch 2016

    ProU is a new functional yogurt product, being the first of its kind on the Irish and UK market to offer consumers high levels of calcium, vitamin D and protein in combination. It has successfully come through stages 4 & 5 of the Food Works programme. It is planned to launch a spoonable yogurt (natural and fruited) on the Irish market in May/June of 2016.

    This yogurt is the brain child of Michael and Jane Murphy who have established M & J Nutrition Ltd to develop the concept. The idea originally came about through recognition of the need for specialised nutritional products for consumers in their 40s and 50s to mitigate the impact of age-related conditions such as osteoporosis and muscle wasting, sarcopenia.

    According to Bord Bia Consumer Lifestyle Trends: “With the increased blurring between the food & drink category and pharmaceuticals, consumers are increasingly active in their search for products that contain added health benefits. Products that promise positive, long-term effects and protection from threats to health are particularly desirable”. These consumers no longer accept the tradition of slowing down in their 40s and 50s. They want to push life, activity and experiences to its limits.

    The Murphys identified that there is no tasty food product out there that is dedicated to looking after longer term bone and muscle management. And as we get older bones and muscles need more tender loving care. Working with high levels of protein, calcium and vitamin D, they have developed a proprietary process with Teagasc to deliver a unique and tasty food product like no other that targets bone and muscle health management. So the brand promise is that: ‘In conjunction with a healthy active lifestyle we hope that your children and grandchildren will be trying to keep up with you in the years ahead- Nourish your muscles and bones – they are more than worth it!’

    The directors of M & J Nutrition Michael and Jane have over 25 years’ experience each in the food and marketing services industries. Most recently Michael has been Markets Director with Bord Bia and Jane is currently Finance Director with Edelman Dublin Public Relations and previously Finance Director of Edelman London. They have both led successful teams that delivered business and managed significant budgets. The directors will also be supported by a high caliber advisory board.