Michael Cowan – Head Boy (CEO), Manor Brewing Company

  • Speaker Bio:

    Michael has created and managed internationally recognized food and beverage brands across the globe, over a 25-year brand marketing career. He has worked with some of the biggest and most successful consumer goods marketing organizations, including Procter & Gamble, Diageo, PepsiCo, and GE, and has won several marketing industry awards. In Ireland, Michael has held roles as Marketing Director for both Red Bull and McDonalds, and was responsible for launching KP Nachos on to the market. In 2014, he left all that behind to start up the Manor Brewing Company, Ireland’s highest craft brewery; launching MONT™ Irish Mountain Beer, now acclaimed as ‘Ireland’s best Pilsner’.

    Presentation Title:

    Branding is more than skin deep

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Building a food or beverage brand is more than a slick logo or product label or omnipotent digital marketing. That’s just skin deep and will wash off quickly. To be a successful brand, you must create the whole from the sum of the parts: clearly define your brand, focus on core consumers or business targets, be relevant, and communicate your uniqueness with laser-sharp focus. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


    • Understand your market – whitespace or better than competition?
    • Define your Brand Bullseye – what makes my business unique? What’s our value proposition?
    • Marketing effectively, not efficiently! How to harmonize all aspect of the marketing mix (even on a shoestring budget)
    • Sleep. Repeat…how to learn quickly and be consistent to build a strong and lasting brand.