Martin Lewis – Microbiological Technical Services Manager, SAL

  • Speaker Bio:

    Martin Lewis has worked in the Food Testing Industry for 18 years providing microbiological technical support and consultancy services to wide range of food manufacturers, producers throughout the UK and Ireland. In addition to the technical support and training, his role at SAL includes the the validation and development of new technologies to provide the industry with fast, reliable and cost affective test methods.

    Presentation Title:

    Rapid Next Day Testing of Bacterial Pathogens for The Food Industry

    Presentation Synopsis:

    SAL has recently validated the AOAC approved VIDAS UP for Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli 0157 and have obtained UKAS accreditation. These methods utilise recombinant bacteriophage proteins to provide rapid next day testing of food and swabs. This talk summarises the technologies used in the method and the advantages for food producers and manufactures over traditional methods and standard rapid methods currently available with in the food industry.