Lorcan Allen – Agribusiness, commodities & markets journalist, Irish Farmers Journal

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    Lorcan Allen is a journalist with the Irish Farmers Journal and specialises in coverage of national and international agribusiness. He also specialises in coverage of global commodity and financial markets, with particular emphasis on dairy, grain and currency markets. He joined the Irish Farmers Journal after leaving university in 2013 having studied politics and journalism and has since completed a degree in capital markets and investments.

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    Weakening sterling and UK food price inflation

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    Since the UK voted for Brexit, the value of sterling has declined by as much as 15% and looks set to weaken further. The result is that UK imports have become more expensive and the country’s inflation rate is rising. After two years of price deflation, are food prices on UK shelves set to increase for the first time or will supermarkets push to maintain their “low prices everyday” policy?