Lee Tebbatt – New Business Director, ERIKS UK

  • Speaker Bio:

    Responsible for shaping supply chains for a number of the UK’s best known manufacturers, Lee’s wealth of experience across a variety of projects ranging from simple single sourcing to total indirect supply chain outsourcing has de-risked operations whilst generating six-figure savings from both technical and commercial improvements. Backed up by the ERIKS implementation and management team, these projects have lasted the test of time driven by ongoing Continuous Improvement programmes.

    Educated at Loughborough University & Aalto University (Finland) followed by time at BSS Industrial before recently joining ERIKS to further strengthen the supply chain expertise.

    Presentation Title:

    Factory stores – manufacturing’s necessary evil

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Following research undertaken jointly with The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in to the effectiveness of UK manufacturing’s supply and operation of maintenance stores we found that nobody can deny that UK industry is now amongst the most efficient in the world. A tight focus on cost-down measures has produced lean, competitive industries which are capable of competing, and winning, in globalised markets.

    And yet, even in the biggest and best industries, just away from the factory floor there is a room which is cluttered, seemingly badly managed (or not managed at all) and overloaded with inventory.

    The storeroom or ‘factory stores’ is all-too-often a black hole which sucks in stock and inventory, and is seemingly incapable of satisfying the demands of its stakeholders in other parts of the business. Lee will review the findings of this research and highlight some quick checks you can undertake to identify the scale of risk stored up in your stores.