Juan Valverde Ph.D – R&D Programme Manager, Monaghan Mushrooms Group

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    Juan Valverde has over 10 years’ experience working in the food and drink industry, in the public and private sectors, in policy and innovation roles. Dr. Valverde has worked with diverse stakeholders such as department policy makers, academia, marketing, private enterprise, retails and the media.

    As R&D Food Science and Technology Programme Manager at Monaghan Mushrooms, Dr. Valverde has implemented key strategic R&D programmes to service new industry trends and shoppers needs, in particular in the area of taste and nutritional development.

    Over the last couple of years Monaghan Mushrooms has achieved competitive advantage by working across disciplines (supply chain, shelf-life extension, microbial safety re-categorisation and taste and nutritional development). Monaghan Mushrooms R&D Strategy is focused on improving the leading position and profitability of the company.

    Dr. Valverde also has previous experience devising strategic and communications plans for large collaborative networks (Irish Phytochemical Food Network), consulting for SMEs (Michelin starred restaurants) and in the media (MasterChef Ireland).

    Dr. Valverde was awarded with Silver  Medal of the  French  Academy of Agriculture  for his PhD work,  which  was funded by the  French  Agency  for  Technological  Research  (ANRT).

    Dr. Valverde’s  PhD  research was conducted at the  Collège de France in Prof.  Jean  Marie ́s  Lehn  (Nobel  Laureate  Chemistry  1987) Laboratory Of  Chemical Interactions under the supervision of Prof. Hervé This.

    Presentation Title:

    How to innovate on the mushroom sector? – The case of Monaghan Mushrooms