John Harney- Marketing, Sales & Product Launch France, Uexport

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    Understanding the French and launching in France

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    John’s technical career was in Civil Engineering, a degree from UCC in 1981, then a first job for 3 years with a French Marine Civil Works Contractor, followed by a successful career in productivity implementation with US Consultants IMPAC; assignments across Europe from the mid-80s to 1999, with a break of 5 years from 1989 to 1994 in industrial services with Harsco based out of London. Then he set up in 2000 and more recently started an initiative to bring Irish products to France under the banner

    John has an understanding of many industry sectors though involvement in diverse projects over the years.  Since originally coming to work in France in 1981 he has spent about half his working life in the French language while living in France and also in Brussels for 6 years, and during periods when based out of London and Helsinki.

    Given his broad experience, John has taken on diverse and varied work over the years from strategy formulation at board level to sales coordination and product launch; the more recent assignments are listed below. His key focus is on people, developing their abilities and skills, imparting knowledge, management techniques and better ways of analysing situations; the objective view from someone who has worked inside more than 50 different organisations. The approach is to simplify, situations that may appear complicated, helping clients to focus on what’s really needed and motivating them to successful conclusions.

    Through the majority of his career, John has worked almost exclusively in the private sector. He has been retained on a number of occasions in the last ten years for extended periods of over two or three years by individual clients where he had come in on a limited assignment initially.