Jens Bleiel – Food for Health Ireland

  • Jens Bleiel became the Chief Executive Officer for Food for Health Ireland in August 2009. Jens is a business economist by training. His past assigments have brought him from Germany (his home country) to the Netherlands and Argentina. After five years at a management consultancy in Germany, he joined Dutch company Numico where he held several management and executive functions in the baby food branch of the company (Cow&Gate, amongst other brands). After 10 years in this business with the nicest customers of the world – babies – Jens Bleiel joined Dutch multinational DSM, world.

    Topic – “Disruptive Dairy Innovation: Why has it become a necessity for the food industry ?”

    “Milk farmers in Europe are protesting because milk prices are at the bottom. The obvious strategy to escape the commodity trap is to innovate and add value to milk. But why is it so difficult for the dairy industry to innovate ? There are many reasons for it, like claim regulations, cost expensive processing, taste issues, price, consumer acceptability and so forth. However, there is no alternative to disruptive innovation in the dairy industry. It requires a long term view, world class research, open innovation and a deep understanding of the consumer’s mind. Once these elements are in place, disruptive innovation can deliver new products for which customers are willing to pay a significant price premium.”