Jason Whooley – CEO at Bio-Marine Ingredients Ireland

  • Jason Whooley has been Chief Executive Officer of Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland (BII) since September 2014. Based in Killybegs, BII is a joint venture between Killybegs Fishing interests and Norwegian marine biotech company, Biomarine Science Technology. BII aims to extract high-end proteins, oils and calcium from fish, for use in a range of sectors including food ingredients. Prior to taking up the role in BII, Jason was CEO of the state seafood agency, BordIascaighMhara since 2007. In that position, he was a member of various government led groups including the Implementation Group for Food Harvest 2020. He has an extensive knowledge of the fishing industry having spent over a decade as CEO of the fishing group, ISWFO. Jason is a graduate of University College Cork (UCC), where he was awarded a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and H.Dip in Food Marketing and Co-operative Development.

    Topic: “Bio-marine Ingredients – A new chapter for Irish seafood”

    It is estimated that each year 1.2 million tonnes of fish are caught off the Irish coast each year yet only 200,000 tonnes are landed in Ireland. Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland, a joint venture between Irish fishing interests and Norwegian partners, aim to utilise some of that raw material by investing €45m in Europes first dedicated marine ingredients plant. The products produced by Bio-marine will be ingredients in food, feed, nutritional supplements and later medicinal ingredients. The plant will produce no waste – all of the raw material is converted to finished products.

    When the Bio-marine plant is operational, it is their ambition to produce significant quantities of soluble protein, partly hydrolysed protein, lipids and calcium with further refined products currently being developed in partnership with Irish universities. Jason, who joined Bio-marine from his position as CEO with Bord Iascaigh Mhara, will talk about the latest developments in this exciting project.