James Kelly – MRIA, Cregan Professor of History, Dublin City University

  • Speaker Bio:

    James Kelly is co-editor of Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, section C, a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research papers primarily in the fields of archaeology, history, Celtic studies, linguistics and literature. James Kelly’s main research interests lie in the areas of Irish political and social history in the period 1660-1820. His publications include That damn’d thing called honour: duelling in Ireland, 1750-1860 (1995);  Clubs and Societies in eighteenth-century Ireland (edited with Martyn Powell) (2010);  and Irish and English: essays on the Irish linguistic and cultural frontier, 1600-1800 (edited with Ciarán MacMurchaidh)  (2012); Sport in Ireland, 1600-1840 (Four Court Press, 2014), and (edited with Elizabeth FitzPatrick), Food and drink in Ireland (Royal Irish Academy, 2016).

    Presentation Title:

    Writing the History of Irish Food

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The history of diet and consumption in Irish History has long been overlooked. This is no longer the case. Using the recent publication of Food and Drink in Ireland as his point of departure, James Kelly will identify and outline some of the recent trends in this area. He will focus in particular on what the receipt books of the élite reveal of their eating habits and the anglicisation of diet; on the significance of alcohol as a medium of sociability; and on fine dining in the twentieth century.