James Kavanagh – Co-founder, Currabinny

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    James Kavanagh has been hurtled into the public eye over the past six months due to his over-active, humorous Snapchat account (JamesKava). The 26 year-old keeps his viewers entertained with consistent scare Snaps of his boyfriend William, cooking demos, appearances from his alter-ego Veronica Sachs and the general trials and tribulations of his whirlwind life. While his audience comes for the humour, they also stick around for the other, less trivial stories James likes to tell. Recently, he has been raising awareness around mental health and often shares his feminist and anti-bullying views. James reaches and influences an audience of over 20,000 people daily. He has also made the leap into the food world with the launch of his new food business Currabinny. He’ll be selling food, alongside William, over markets over the next year or so all with the goal of one day owning a cafe.

    Presentation Title:

    Starting a food brand with no money, but lots of social media’

    Presentation Synopsis:

    James Kavanagh will take you through his journey from PR exec to ‘Snapchat Superstar’ and how he used his social presence to ignite a food company