Ingrid De Doncker – MD, IDD Consult and e-Quiddity

  • Speaker Bio:

    “Open your Mind, Improve your Skills, Maximise your Tools”.

    Ingrid, originally from Belgium, is founder of IDD Consult, a company that focuses on increasing your business’s profitability by reducing cost upfront and by designing “value beyond cost savings” procurement programs.

    IDD Consult assesses, trains and up-skills professionals to impact positively on the procurement life cycle outcomes. Ingrid is lecturing the new Level 8 Certificate in Procurement Management for UCC and has
    judged for the National Procurement awards. She and her award winning team elucidate “the Science of Buying”, for end to end sourcing and contracting needs.

    Prior to embarking as an entrepreneur in Procurement Excellence, Ingrid developed and managed the tender program for direct and indirect spend for Musgrave Group. During the previous 10 years, Ingrid worked in various corporate procurement roles such as EMC, Boston Scientific, GSI. Current client base come from various backgrounds such as airports, public / semi state bodies, sales companies, manufacturers, retail, pharma and IT. Their engagement and her ever-lasting hunger for learning and improving continuously fuels her blended decision making intelligence expertise.

    Presentation Title:

    Savings through SMART Procurement Strategies

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The main objective for any company is to improve the bottom line and return equitable value to shareholders. This translates itself in to 3 strategies:

    • Increase sales
    • Reduce cost
    • Be operationally efficient

    Everyone is focused on delivering additional sales and efficiencies, but are you focused on really understanding your upfront costs?

    Did you know that 5% cost reduction upfront for a company with 10% gross margin, delivers the same benefit to the bottom line, as 50% increase in sales?

    My principle is that everyone who touches money on behalf of a company needs to understand and practice the principles of good procurement and negotiation.

    There are a lot of smart things procurement can do, but the best Value for Money is delivered when we develop our strategies on improving the 5 key levers that drive sustainable savings:

    • People – Be Engaged
    • Process – Be Lean
    • Technology – Be Smart
    • Knowledge – Be Relevant
    • Culture – Be the Best

    I will bring you some current top tips from our diagnose, plan, execute and innovate approach on Brexit, product development and supplier engagement.