Gerry Hughes – Coffee Quality Trainer, Java Republic

  • Speaker Bio:
    Having worked in the service industry for over 20 years I bring much to the coffee table. Knowledge is one thing, art is another… but knowing how, when and why to train a person in the skills needed to create great coffee… now that’s a different story. I have worked in the Irish coffee industry with Java Republic for the past 14 years and created the first independent Irish national Barista finals.

    Since then I have been heavily involved in the SCAE Irish chapter. Judging in the Barista and Latte Art championship finals for a number of years. I have also been heavily involved in running the Irish Barista semi-finals held bi-annually in Java Republic, Dublin. Being an AST (Authorized Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Trainer) is a privilege and I run SCAE courses on both Barista & Filter coffee at Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels. I have diversified into the wine industry where I have a level 2 WSET (Wine & Spirit education Trust) certificate, bringing this knowledge into my work.

    Presentation Title:
    Picasso in your cup – Controlling your grind to create a great tasting coffee.

    Presentation Synopsis:
    Coffee is not just a hot, black liquid.. if made right (under the watchful eye of the knowledgeable barista) it can become an expression of love and desire. You see, coffee is an art form. Just like a chef cooking or a painter painting. It’s about getting your raw ingredients and creating a product that will inspire people everywhere. It’s like having a blank canvas and creating that Picasso in your cup. Let me share with you a little bit of knowledge that may open your eyes to the art form that is coffee. The coffee grind is the key to this and I will show you how to control it.