Fred Logue – Partner, FP Logue Solicitors

  • Speaker Bio:

    Fred Logue is a solicitor specialising in all aspects Intellectual Property Law. He mainly advises technology and digital businesses on matters such as patents, copyright, trade  secrets, data protection, science, R&D  and technology transfer. What sets Fred apart from other lawyers is that he has a science doctorate. Before qualifying as a solicitor he worked for some of the world’s leading technology companies in a range of roles including R&D and manufacturing therefore Fred can really talk the language of digital business and translate real-world problems into legal solutions.

    Presentation Title:

    Five things food businesses need to know about technology law and data protection.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Today almost every business is built on valuable intellectual property,  technology and know-how. This is as true in the food and agriculture sectors as it is in traditional high technology industries. Irish food and agri companies are competing the world over, not just on the quality of the product, but are harnessing the value of novel technologies and state of the art information management systems to compete globally. In this talk I will discuss the top five things a technology business in the food and agritech sector needs to know.