Fiona Dillon – CEO, Tumbledown Media Ltd

  • Speaker Bio:

    Mother of four Fiona Dillon is CEO of Tumbledown Media, a marketing company dedicated to promoting healthier eating for children.  She is the creator of the children’s character Freddy Buttons, has published seven books and is currently working on a Freddy Buttons app and TV series to help engage children with healthier food and where it comes from.

    As a seasoned broadcaster, certified trainer and speaker, Fiona is more than qualified to show even the busiest families how small changes to their lifestyle can change their approach to food.  She regularly appears on national TV and radio shows and is currently the Food Correspondent for KCLR96fm.  She is a reviewer for and a feature writer for Irish Country magazine.

    Presentation Title:

    Are our children eating their way to obesity?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    With Ireland set to become the most obese nation in Europe by 2030, what can we do now to change this frightening statistic from the World Health Organisation?  Children are not only our future, but our way to a healthier future in Ireland.