Padraig McEneaney – CEO, Celtic Pure

  • Padraig and his wife Pauline founded Celtic Pure Limited 2000. In the early days they worked from the garage of their home, with the help of their two young children at the time, Cian and Sinead, bottling water by hand during the day and then delivering to houses and small shops in local towns by night. Today Celtic Pure is the largest independently owned water bottling company in Ireland and in 2016 will supply circa 70 million bottles of water to its customers.
    When not working in Celtic Pure, Padraig’s two main hobbies are farming and gaelic football. Before setting up Celtic Pure, Padraig worked as a meat boner in meat processing plants for a number of years. It is in this role that he learned about manufacturing. Following that he purchased a bread run supplying to local shops, which thought him his selling skills.
    His role as CEO involves overseeing operations on a day to day basis. He works with his management team to ensure each department is performing to a level that will help the company achieve its overall strategic goals. His role also involves working closely with all key customers to ensure the relationship remains strong. Key areas include day to day customer service, value for money and New Product Development. He realises that Celtic Pure must remain at the coal face of modern manufacturing processes and this involves him constantly working with manufacturers to ensure the equipment used in Celtic Pure is market leading technology.