Dr Emily Crofton – Manager of Sensory Food Network Ireland, Teagasc

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dr Emily Crofton joined Teagasc in 2014 where she is managing the development of a national sensory science network called Sensory Food Network Ireland. The network brings together the sensory expertise and facilities of 10 institutions throughout Ireland, and is committed to addressing the documented needs of the food industry in relation to sensory food science.

    Emily completed a BSc in Food Science at University College Dublin followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Education at NUI Maynooth. Following a brief period teaching at secondary level, her interest turned back to food and she undertook a PhD in the area of sensory and consumer science at University College Dublin. Her PhD research focused on the consumer-led development of healthy snack foods containing by-products of the brewing industry for the Irish market. She is experienced in applying a range of sensory evaluation techniques for product development and quality control applications, in addition to using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to study consumer behaviour. She also has extensive teaching experience having designed and delivered sensory courses to industry and academia. Emily currently represents Ireland on the European Sensory Science Society (E3S) education working group.

    Presentation Title:

    Sensory-driven innovation in the food industry

    Presentation synopsis:

    Sensory science is applied in the food and drink industry to determine how consumers perceive products. It can be applied throughout the product development process from concept formation to post-launch monitoring, and in quality assurance applications to establish product sensory specifications. From a marketing perspective, sensory science can be used to ensure a products’ sensory profile supports brand communication and marketing claims. In her presentation, Dr. Crofton will provide an overview of the latest applications of sensory science in the food industry and discuss how they can be used in the design and development of products with optimum consumer benefits.