Elmer Kerr – Sales & Marketing Director, PMM Group

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    Retail Specialist, Business Consultant, Event Speaker, Sales & Marketing Director of one of Ireland’s leading retail marketing & merchandising companies, and Owner/Director of Wild Atlantic Good Food Company incorporating Lemon Leaf Café and Lemon Leaf Deli/Bakery in Kinsale, West Cork

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    It’s not all about food & drink, It’s about marketing too

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    “It’s not all about food & drink”

    In today’s world of food and drink, it is a given that many of us in the industry have had success , whether through building expertise in food preparation & presentation or knowledge building in  beverages, being  savvy buyers, being creative, and having learned how to be cost-effective post Celtic Tiger………

    Our futures will be determined by how successful we become in engaging and communicating with customers and potential customers, online and offline, creating awareness, building a brand, discovering a niche, and providing “that something” that no one else has!

    “It’s about marketing too”