Dr. Sabine Harrison – Food Science & Nutrition Technologist, UCD Institute of Food & Health

  • Speaker Bio:

    Sabine is a Food Science & Nutrition Technologist at the UCD Institute of Food & Health. She previously received her MSc. in analytical chemistry from the University of Vienna in her native Austria. She then obtained her PhD. from UCD for her research on food authentication and diet reconstruction in lamb and cattle. Following the completion of her PhD, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry where she re-discovered her passion for developing analytical methods. In her current role, Sabine’s main interest now lies in the development and validation of robust analytical method for the determination of bio-active compounds in foods through HPLC and GC analysis.

     Presentation Title:

    Adding value to food products – Analysis of bio-active compounds in foods and associated health claims

     Presentation Synopsis:

    Consumers are increasingly linking health promoting properties of foods with the presence of key healthy components. Therefore, food manufacturers are under increasing pressure from legislative bodies to provide evidence for the presence and level of healthy components by analysing their food product for these compounds. Sabine will present some of the rapid, high turnover analytical methods that have been developed at UCD to quantify the content of some healthy, bio-active compounds such as vitamin E, mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids as well as plant sterols in a multitude of foods. These methods have been used to detect the levels of these compounds at both naturally occurring as well as at an enriched level leading to various possible health claims.