Dr. Mary A. T. Flynn – Chief Specialist Public Health Nutrition, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

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    Mary, a Dietitian, is Chief Specialist in Public Health Nutrition at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. She is a Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. She has extensive experience in the development and management of nutrition programmes in Ireland, Canada and the Middle East. Mary’s work on childhood obesity has been highlighted by the World Health Organisation. She led the research teams that established the evidence-base for healthy eating and infant feeding guidelines in Ireland. She leads the calories-on-menus initiative – including the development of MenuCal, a free on-line system to help businesses support consumers in making healthy choices and as an obesity prevention strategy.  In 2014 she was awarded the inaugural Public Health Nutrition Medal by the Nutrition Society (international body for nutrition science).

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    MenuCal and how it can help food service businesses

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    As of December 14, all food businesses are legally required to provide accurate information to customers on any of the 14 categories of allergenic ingredients, as defined in EU Regulation 1169/2011, used in the manufacture or preparation of a food. This is the first time food service businesses have been asked to label the foods they sell. MenuCal was developed to include an allergen management system that is offered for free to the food service industry to increase compliance with the new European legislation. MenuCal is an easy to use online, electronic allergen management system as well as a calorie calculator developed to support food service businesses comply with allergen labeling laws and display calories on menus. The aim of the MenuCal project is to support the food industry comply with EU regulations on allergen labelling, teach food businesses sustainable allergen management practices using MenuCal, promote MenuCal as a business management tool and to promote calorie labelling as a commercially advantageous concept.