Dr Fiona Lalor – Food for Health Ireland (FHI)

  • Dr Fiona Lalor is the Regulatory and Consumer Insights Manager for FHI. Having completed an MSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen, she began her career at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. She then moved to Food and Drink Industry Ireland in IBEC where she was the Regulatory Affairs Manager. In this position, Fiona represented the food industry to government agencies, particularly in terms of food safety, food labelling and food additive legislation. Fiona then took up a research position in University College Dublin and in 2010 completed her PhD in Food Regulatory Affairs under the supervision of Prof Patrick Wall (Professor of Public Health, UCD). Fiona also acts as an expert witness and consultant to the food and drinks industry.

    Topic: “Regulatory challenges of innovating in the food industry”

    Dr Fiona Lalor will provide an overview of the regulations for food, nutrition and health claims. Her talk will also give insight into the impact of the European Food Safety Authority and the development of new innovative foods with potential health claims.