Dr. Emma Feeney – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCD Institute of Food and Health

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    Dr. Emma Feeney is a postdoctoral research fellow in UCD’s Institute of Food and Health.  She has conducted research in children examining the role of taste perception on fruit and vegetable consumption, with a focus on bitter and sweet taste, and spent time as a postdoctoral researcher in the Penn State University studying the role of genetics in individual differences in chemethesis and food choice.

    Emma also has experience in the area of functional foods development in Food for Health Ireland (FHI). She studied the metabolic effects of different protein hydrolysates, for Phase 1 of FHI, and now co-ordinates the human intervention studies side of the Healthy Cheeses Workpackage, examining the ‘matrix’ effect of cheese consumption on markers of metabolic health. She has also conducted research examining dairy consumption and health, with a focus on cheese, in national surveys of dietary intake.

    She is a regularly invited speaker to international conferences on nutrition, food and health, and has appeared in local and national press and on television to speak about various aspects of her work. She is also a keen advocate of science communication to children, and has been an invited participant to talks, TV segments and numerous events in this area.

    Her research interests lie in the area of sensory evaluation, genetics and taste, the application of these to food choice, and the resultant metabolic effects of consumption on human health.

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    The Health Benefits Of Cheese