Douglas Gordon- Managing Director, Quest Utility Services Ltd

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    Douglas Gordon, Managing Director, Quest Utility Services Ltd., specialists in Energy and Water Efficiency technologies.

    After graduating from TCD, Dublin, with a natural science degree ( Geology & hydrology), Douglas joined Atlas Copco Ireland Ltd. and managed their rock drilling division, which dealt with quarrying, mining, exploration, construction and well drilling projects. His work lead to the formation of the annual conference ‘The International Association of Hydrogeologists- Irish Group’ which is still thriving nearly forty years later. In 1983 Douglas set up his own business to provide niche technical marketing, specialising in environmental instrumentation and contract monitoring services. These ranged from hydrometrics, a geothermal survey of Ireland, meteorology, gas leak detection and chromatography consultancy for Bord Gais and local authority landfill sites transitioning from dumps to lined and managed sites, local authority water management, including the introduction of pressure and flow data loggers, water metering and billing systems.

    In 2001, Douglas assisted SEI in establishing the ‘Irish Solar Energy Association’ as a trade representative organisation to promote the up take of solar thermal and solar electric systems.

    A return to college in 2006 for a business development course with the DIT Hot House Programme, that explored new ideas for a new business venture: Quest Utility Services Ltd.

    While using magnetic water conditioners on water mains to prevent scale build up on legionella control equipment, Douglas realised not only the potential for Non-Chemical Water Treatment but also Fuel Conditioning. Both applications provide considerable production efficiencies and more benefits of reduced maintenance and emissions for the user. So the business launch was in 2007, and post a difficult recession, the company is still here and the message is getting across. So this is the focus for Quest Utility Services Ltd. as it now stands.

    Presentation title:

    When making better products and margins, Experience trumps Technical discussions.

    Presentation synopsis:

    This presentation will demonstrate how magnetic ‘Field Effects’, and similar technologies, when applied to fluids, like hydrocarbon gas / oil and water, can change the structure and performance of these fluids for commercial and product advantage. Considerable savings and product enhancement are there to be made.

    Fuel Savings: Typically 10%+ on oil / gas fired boilers for heat/ steam or ovens and deep fat fryers by pre conditioning the the fuels pre-burner, with externally fitting Fuel Conditioners. Investment paybacks are measured in months. More Heat—Less Fuel—Reduced Emissions—Save the Environment.

    Grander Water Revitalisation: Treated water becomes a better solvent, making penetration into mixes like flour more effective, the water becomes more microbiological stable, reducing chemical cleaning. The magnetic imprint on the water stimulates single celled organisms, like yeast/ sourdough baking, brewing and more, making for a much more vigorous fermentation. We are currently looking to duplicate the Australian experience with factory, abattoir and local authority wastewater plants discharging drinking water quality water or zero BOD / COD discharges.

    Refrigeration Electricity Saving of 10-35%. Separate from Field Effect technologies, refrigeration is a major part of the Food and Drink Industry, so to save costs switch from measuring ambient air temperatures that are highly variable and cost in terms of electric starts. The EndoCube allows the temperature sensor to mimic the temperature of the chilled or frozen product to save typically 20% on Refrigeration Electricity.

    Quest products require NO Power, Mechanism, Consumables Nor Maintenance and offer a lifetime of service.

    This presentation will leave relevant participants with an understanding of how to make considerable financial savings and improvements in either production and/ or product.