Derek O’ Herlihy – Managing Director, Phare Tech Services Ltd

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    Derek is the owner and Managing Director of Phare Tech Services Ltd. During his career, Derek has been delivering classroom training all over the world allowing him to bring a level of insight and expertise when he decided to form his elearning business. His experience in the classroom enabled Derek ensure that the creation of his elearning modules are engaging and interactive for learners to assist in the retention of the learning. Since 2010, Derek has worked with blue-chip multinational companies to help design, develop and implement their learning programs. Phare creates both bespoke and off-the-shelf modules which are compliant with the latest Learning Management Standards. Phare has also recently developed a Learning Management System which allows users to view modules on multiple platforms, from desktop, to laptop, to tablet, to smartphone in a completely flexible way.

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    Using Learning And Technology To Benefit Your Business And Bottom-line

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    In the recent years learning and technology have been developing and integrating to provide multiple solutions to your learning issues and training budgets.

    E-learning, mobile learning, experiential learning, augmented reality, virtual reality systems etc. can aid in providing to learning solutions that are experienced in companies throughout Ireland and the world.


    Budget constraints have forced training managers, learning and development directors etc. to come up with other ways of providing training while all the while ensuring quality and consistency of delivery.

    E-learning, mobile learning, webinars, virtual training can all provide answers to the questions being asked. Indeed, the Return on Investment is almost certain to be achieved multiple times over when these options are considered as either replacements or complementary to existing offerings.