David McKernan – Founder & CEO, Java Republic

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    David McKernan is a persistent, passionate and high-spirited entrepreneur, who has inspired and irritated in equal measure throughout a successful career in coffee.

    He emerged from the cocoon of Bewley’s to found Java Republic Roasting Company in 1999: This innovative company quickly became one of Ireland’s most successful brands, and one of Europe’s leading coffee companies.

    Java Republic is notable for a distinctive vision: Premium, fresh handroasted coffee – with a conscience. From day one, David’s aim was to raise awareness of real coffee quality, and to challenge abysmally low ethical standards in the coffee business. Both goals were soon achieved: Java Republic’s coffee has won multiple awards for taste and quality, while those who grow their coffee beans saw fairer prices, and improved living standards from direct aid and infrastructure projects.

    As the economic downturn hurt those closer to home, David then focussed attention on inspiring the Irish business community: Whilst stewarding Java Republic through some of the most challenging times any business could face, he also developed a reputation as a motivational speaker and campaigner for physical fitness as a driver for positive mental health. David is an engaging, charismatic and entertainingly egotistical speaker, who connects with audiences like a perfectly poured espresso.

    With nearly 12 years of success in Ireland, David is now focussing on bringing his unique brand of superb coffee and straight talking to an international audience.

    David is married with 4 young Children and lives in Dublin.

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    Java Republic personal story through the  – First| Second| Third Wave of Coffee & beyond

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    Java Republic personal story through the  – First| Second| Third Wave of Coffee & beyond is the biographical account of Java Republic’s founder Dave McKernan and his journey through the three waves of coffee. Beginning in Bewleys’ fresh out of secondary school, David moved through the evolution and revolution of coffee in Ireland, aiding its development, before setting up his own coffee roasting company. Driven by his passion for producing coffee of a supreme quality and advocating for the intoduction and maintenance of sustainable production in the industry, Java Republic has flourished. This essay tells his and his company’s story.