Carla Mckenzie- Managing Director, Mya consulting ltd

  • Presentation Title:

    Kitchen design and a sustainable future.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    • Why is the creation of an energy efficient kitchen so important in the 21st Century?
    • How green is green?
    • What the major manufacturers are investing in, in terms of carbon efficient initiatives
    • What does sustainable design look like, and how does it provide financial advantages, both capital and operational?
    • Design case study
    • How to prevent value engineering eroding a project’s green credentials
    • The commercial value of a greener approach
    • Motivating brigades to adopt greener working practices in kitchens

    Speaker Bio:

    Carla McKenzie is the managing director of MYA Consulting Ltd.
    She has worked in the catering industry for more than three decades and is well regarded in the UK and abroad for her visionary design expertise.
    Before joining MYA Consulting in 1996, Carla ran the extensive catering operations at the Royal Festival Hall and Southbank Centre.
    Carla is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the catering industry and is a regular speaker at professional development seminars.
    Carla is also a keen motorcyclist and uses bikes for work, pleasure and charitable causes. She’s also tried several different types of electric motorcycle and will soon ride further on many more.