Cait Coyle – Lecturer in Earth Science, Institute of Technology, Sligo (IT Sligo)

  • Speaker Bio:

    Cait Coyle is a Lecturer in Earth Science in the Department of Environmental Science at IT Sligo. She is the current Programme Chair for the BSc. in Agri-Food Science at IT Sligo. Cait is an affiliated member of the Centre for Environmental Research, Innovation and Sustainability (CERIS) at IT Sligo. Her research interests include Functional Land Management to support sustainable agriculture, soil structural quality and compost quality. Through her research projects, she has established collaborations with Ulster University and Teagasc. Cait is a Chartered Waste Manager with the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CWIM) and has a special interest in food waste management. Prior to becoming a lecturer, she worked for more than ten years as an Environmental Consultant, specialised in land and water quality,  in Ireland and overseas.

    Presentation Title:

    Functional Land Management – A concept to support sustainable agriculture

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Functional Land Management (FLM) is a novel management concept to support agricultural land use. FLM aims to maximise the supply of soil based ecosystem services (soil functions) in order to meet targets in agronomic and agri-environmental policy. It encourages the selection of the soil type on a farm, which is best at “supplying” the preferred suite of functions for a particular agricultural land use type. This paper provides an overview of the approach and model concepts and provides a demonstration of  the range in the capacity of individual functions for different agricultural land use types with contrasting drainage characteristics.