Brendan Stamp – Managing Director, Guardian Fire & Security

  • Speaker Bio:

    An acknowledged expert in the field of fire protection and at the fore of Industry thinking, Brendan Stamp has almost 20 year’s direct experience with a wide variety of clients and sectors, including some of the largest manufacturing sites in the country.

    Founder of Guardian Fire & Security in 2004, Brendan is passionate about helping businesses meet their obligations under fire & life safety law.

    An Electronic Engineering graduate of W.I.T. and a member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland, Brendan is also a qualified trainer and is certified in Theory/Design of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems to Irish Standard 3218.

    Presentation Title:

    Effective planning and maintenance of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (in the Food & Beverage sector)

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In this participative presentation, Brendan will highlight the unique challenges and environments present in many of our food and drink production and processing plants and how these impact the planning, design and selection of Fire Detection & Alarm System technologies.

    Brendan will also discuss the topic of routine maintenance and share his thoughts and experience on the management of same and the importance of adopting a partnership approach with your chosen fire & life safety provider.