Breda Quigley – Managing Director, The Q Café Company Ltd. 

  • Speaker Bio:

    The Q Café Company Limited is a privately owned niche Irish catering company, which was established in 1999 by Breda Quigley with the objective of bringing a fresh approach to food service offering an innovative approach to food services in contract catering.

    Breda possesses an ardent and passionate interest in good food constantly seeking new food experiences and trends within Irish Artisan suppliers. She seeks to incorporate the best product range and emerging trends into everyday catering services.

    Presentation Title:

    Flourishing in a Global Market

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Breda Quigley has built her brand based on passion, creativity and strong relationships. In this talk she highlights how small to medium businesses can flourish in the global market. Borders are becoming increasingly irrelivant as globilistion links opposite ends of the globe in an instant via ever elaborate forms of communication.

    Breda outlines 4 key factors enabling a business to flourish that she has utilised to generate The Q Café Company’s success. Where you should begin, building upon this followed with survival and ultimatly flourishing in a globalised market. Learn from and discuss with Breda, how her passion, insight and resilience has created a strong famillial network within her business in addtition to satisfying client needs.